ISS of BC Welcome Center Youth Ambassador Project Fundraiser

On June 2nd,CCCHIPS’s members went to ISS of BC fundraiser handover ceremony.
The money earned for this fundraiser all came from the 3v3 basketball fundraiser held a few month back. The funds raised by athletes feverishly competing in the fundraiser had finally been given to the people in need.

3v3 basketball fundraiser group photo.


The funds are all used to build the ISS of BC refugee welcome center. We are honoured to visit the center.

ISS of BC refugee welcome center’s goal is to help refugees to better integrate into society, and provide them with 2-3 weeks of free living space.IMG_3900

The rooms built. There’s a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in each suite.

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There’s also a wide and comfortable yard outside.

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Our fundraiser helped ISS of BC a lot; their organizer Chris welcomed us warmly.IMG_3769

Chris describing the layout of the center.IMG_3773

Finally, Chris thanked us and we took a group photo.IMG_3896


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